Welcome to TELL, the Therapy Exploitation Link Line….

Chances are you have sought out this website because

  • you or someone you know has been emotionally or sexually exploited in psychotherapy or other healthcare setting;

  • you are a psychotherapist seeking to understand the needs of a patient or client who has come to you after having been exploited by a healthcare professional;
  • you have a colleague who has crossed professional boundaries, and you would like to better understand the likely impact of this inappropriate behavior;
  • you are a researcher or journalist who would like to help the public understand the impact of boundary violations by healthcare professionals;
  • you are an administrator of a healthcare practice or facility concerned about the maintenance of appropriate professional boundaries;
  • you are an attorney who represents a victim of sexual or emotional exploitation and seeks to better understand your client’s emotonal needs and legal rights; or
  • you are interested, for other personal or professional reasons, in boundary maintenance and the impact of failing to maintain appropriate boundaries in psychotherapy and other healthcare settings.

No matter why you have come to this site, we will do everything we can to help. 

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