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E-mail inquiries to TELL are received by a number of volunteers scattered throughout the United States, Canada Europe and Australia.  For this reason, you may receive multiple responses to your initial inquiry.  Usually, each volunteer will have slightly different ideas, giving you the benefit of learning about a range of possibilities for taking action, healing, and other topics.

When a TELL volunteer responds to an initial inquiry, a copy of that response goes to the other volunteers.  That allows us to know that your initial inquiry has been answered and lets us know what has already been said and what each of us might add.

Although you may elect to reply to everyone who responds to your initial inquiry, you need not do so.  Feel free to select any responder(s) with whom you feel comfortable corresponding.

In most cases, e-mail inquiries to TELL are answered in 24 to 72 hours.  However, because we are volunteers, we occasionally slip up, or e-mails go astray or are eaten by our various spam blockers.  We apologize in advance should this happen to you. If you send an e-mail to TELL and do not hear back from us within 72 hours, please e-mail us again.  We’ll rejoice in your perseverance!


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